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Route Optimization - Find the best route between multiple addresses


Why did the application change?
The Google Maps Flash API was deprecated and will not work after Sep 2, 2014. We had to switch to Google's JS3 API version on Sep 1, 2014. The new version only allows 10 addresses without signing up for their business version which requires a huge yearly fee. We are working on ways to increase the number of waypoints and options, and still keep the application free. The good thing about switching to the new version is that our application will work on all Apple devices, such as the iPad and iPhone. We appreciate every ones support and hopefully we will have the application working with more addresses and options soon.

How does the application works?
The route optimizer was developed to allow users and businesses to find the fastest route between multiple addresses. The application using Google's waypoint optimizer and has the power of Google Maps to provide accurate routes and directions.

How do I use the route optimizer?
To use the route optimizer enter a start address to the "Start" input box. Then enter as many waypoints as needed to the "Location" input boxes (i.e. Location 1, Location 2, etc...). Finally add an end address to the "End" input box. We are limit to ten addresses (one start, one end, and eight waypoints). Adding an end and start address is required. After all the addresses have been entered press the "Submit" button to calculate the best route.

How do I print directions?
To print directions or the route select the "Export to Google Maps" button. This will load the route in Google Maps and give you all their options to print and edit the route.

Why do I have to export the route to Google Maps?
We did this to make our application simpler and easier to use. There's no way we could match all the feature available in Google Maps. This way our application is smaller, but still provides all the options available in Google Maps. We do hope to add some additional features to our site in the near future.

How many addresses can I add?
For now the limit is 10 addresses. We are working to increase the number of addresses that can be optimized and hope to have it out soon.

What is the best way to add multiple addresses?
If you have several addresses that need to be entered it would be easier to use the import option. To use this feature just select the "Import" button and copy and paste your addresses into the text area. Each address will need to be on a separate line. After all addresses are entered select the "OK" button to import the addresses.

Is this site free to use?
Yes, we thought a free site like this was needed and would be helpful to a lot of people and businesses who need a quick way of finding the fastest route between several addresses.

Why does it takes longer to generate large numbers of addresses?
This is because the application is going through large numbers of combinations. For example with 5 addresses it goes through 120 different address combinations.

Why am I receiving an error saying "Too many request in a short period of time"?
This is because Google's server can only receive a certain number of requests per second. We have designed this application so it does not send too many requests too soon, but this was based on our system and network so there could be some problems on other users systems and networks. Another possible reason this error could be displayed is the number of requests allowed per second is limited by IP address. So if several users are running this application at the same time from one location, such as in an office, they might also receive this error. This error should be fixed but if you receive this error just closed down the browser (i.e. Explorer, Firefox) and try again if you receive this error.

Will there be any new features added to the route optimizer?
Yes we hope to add many more features and to keep improving the speed and increase the number of address that can be optimized. An option we hope to be able to add will be the ability to export multiple addresses to a GPS unit using other GPS formats. If there are any new features you would like to see please send us your request using the form on the "Contact Us" page.

How do I export the optimized route to a GPS unit?
To export the optimized route to a GPS unit select the "Export to GPS" button after the best route is generated. The addresses from the optimized route will be converted to csv format which can be used by most GPS units. The file can then be added to a GPS unit.

Can I change the order of addresses in the optimized route?
Yes the order of the addresses in the optimized route can be changed by using the mouse to drag and drop them to another location in the list. As soon as an address is moved the application recalculates the route. Multiple addresses can be moved by holding down the control button and then using the mouse button to drag and drop them to another position in the list.

Can I add tags to the addresses to better identify them after optimizing a route?
Not yet, but we plan to have to have the feature working soon. It will work like this, tags can be added inside the location input boxes using these brackets < >. For example <'My House'> Raleigh NC. The tag has to be in front of the address.

Does your application sort the optimized route by duration or distance?
By default we have the route optimizer set to calculate by the shortest time. This means that the route is calcalute based on the shortest travel time instead of the shortest distance.

Why do we have a donate button?
We added a donate button to help with the cost of maintaining and updating the site. Since our site is free and has very little advertising we donít generate much profit to pay for expenses. If you find our site helpful please help us out by making donations so we can continue to maintain and update the site. Any amount is appreciated. Thanks.

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